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You have been fascinated by psychic experiences much of your life.  Now, you can develop them online, challenge and test your skills.

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You will be able to chat or email our expert psychics; Ann Hanson and Psychic Jeanne – get answers to all your burning questions. Most answers received within 24 hours.

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You can easily communicate with other individuals who are online and exploring our courses, tests and quizzes.


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katie morris


Great place to learn and have some fun in the psychic world.

katie morris

Busy girl.


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Knowledge is power and the psychic consultants at Psychic Eye Q are thoughtful, positive and caring.  Their insights have helped me plan my goals to achieve success!

Jessica White

Over the past fifteen years, Victoria lynn Weston has produced amazing documentaries and online learning courses.  I remember AkashicUniversity where there were many university professors’ courses featured. Congrats Victoria!

Pat Thomas

I’ve had hundreds of psychic readings.  And, whether I’m talking to Ann Hanson on the telephone or email, she continues to provide detailed, accurate insights.

John Dawson